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          Worship of the Father

1        Glory be to God the Father

2        Glory, glory, glory

3        Come, Thou Almighty King

4        Father of heav'n, whose love profound

5        God, our Father, we adore Thee!

6        Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty! 

7        Glory, glory to the Father!

8        Praise God, from whom all blessings flow

9        Glory be to God the Father

10      O God, th'eternal Father, Thou (2nd tune)

10      O God, th'eternal Father, Thou (Alt tune: 295)

11      Thou, Father, who are Spirit true

12      O God, Thou art the source of life (1st tune)

12      O God, Thou art the source of life (2nd tune)

13      Thou art love and Thou art light, Lord

14      Immortal, invisible, God only wise

15      O God, Thou art transcendent

16      Our Father, as the evergreen

17      My Father God, when on Thy vast creation

18      How faithful and trustworthy too

19      Great is Thy faithfulness

20      God our Father, we adore Thee

21      We praise Thee for Thy righteousness

22      Holy Father, we adore Thee (1st tune)

22      Holy Father, we adore Thee (2nd tune)

23      In all Thy wisdom, Father God

24      O God, in Christ all focused is

25      Father, to us Thy mercy Thou hast shown

26      God, we praise Thee for Thy mercy

27      Come, let us all unite to sing

28      The love of God is greater far

29      What was it, blessed God

30      What love Thou has bestowed on us

32      We bow and worship, Father here

33      Father, long before creation

34      Father, 'twas Thy love that knew us

36      We praise Thee glorious Father

39      To God be the glory

40      We praise Thee, O God

41      We are never weary singing

42      By Thee, O God, invited

43      "Abba, Father," we approach Thee

44      O Holy Father, who in tender love

45      Abba, Father! we adore Thee

45      Abba, Father! we adore Thee (Alt tune: 43)

46      O gracious God, Thy pleasure

47      Father, Thy name our souls would bless

48      We bless Thee, God and Father (Original tune)

48      We bless Thee, God and Father (Alt tune: 36)

49      Gracious God, we worship Thee

50      Father, Thy Son beloved leads our praise

51      Our God and Father, we respond to Thee

52      Father, to Thee a joyful song (Played as written)

52      Father, to Thee a joyful song (Played with holds)

53      Our God and Father, we respond anew (Original tune)

53      Our God and Father, we respond anew (Alt tune: 50)

54      O God and Father, we our praises bring (Original tune)

54      O God and Father, we our praises (Alt tune: 50)

55      O God our Father, we would come

56      Dear Lord, Thou art the Word of God


          Praise of the Lord

60      Of the Father's love begotten

61      O Lord, Thou art the Son of man

62      Dear Lord Jesus, we adore Thee

65      Jesus! that name we love

66      How sweet the name of Jesus sounds

67      The name of Jesus is so sweet

68      Lord, Thy Name is called Jesus

70      There is a name I love to hear

73      Glorious, mighty Name of Jesus

77      Lift that Name high! That glorious Name

78      Gracious Lord, Thy name "I AM" is

79      All praise to Him who reigns on high

79      All praise to Him who reigns on high (With Hallelujah)

81      O Lord, Thy being is of old

82      Down from His glory

84      Hark! the herald angels sing

85      O come, all ye faithful

86      Though Thou art God, most glorious high

87      O Lord! When we the path retrace

88      How beauteous were the marks divine

93      Lord, we treasure with affection

94      O Christ, what burdens bow'd Thy head!

96      My song is love unknown

101    When we survey the wondrous cross (2nd tune)

104    Alas! and did my Savior bleed?

108    “Man of Sorrows,” what a name

111    Jesus, the sinner's Friend

112    How sweet is the story

114    Hail, Thou once despised Jesus!

116    How wonderful redemption is

117    Christ the Lord is ris'n indeed

121    Thine be the glory, risen, conqu'ring Son

123    Low in the grave He lay

124    Praise Him! praise Him Christ is victor

125    Hallelujah! sing to Jesus

126    To Thee, dear Lord, O Christ of God

127    Hark! Ten thousand voices crying

128    Far above all is our Savior enthroned

132    Lo! In heaven Jesus sitting

133    Lord Jesus, Thou art Lord of all (Original tune)

133    Lord Jesus, Thou art Lord of all (Alt tune:137)

134    Glory, everlasting glory be to Christ, the throned Lamb

137    All hail the pow'r of Jesus' name!

139    All hail the pow'r of Jesus' name!

141    Jesus, Thy head, once crowned with thorns

142    Crown Him with many crowns

146    Rejoice, the Lord is King

147    Lord, Thou art God's anointed

147    Lord, Thou art God's anointed (Alt tune: 15)

149    Hark! Ten thousand heav'nly voices

151    Sing we the King who is coming to reign

152    O how deep and how far-reaching (Original tune)

152    O how deep and how far-reaching (Alt tune: 114)

153    O blessed Savior, is Thy love (Alt tune: 104)

154    It passeth knowledge, that dear love of Thine (Original tune)

154    It passeth knowledge, that dear love of Thine (New tune)

156    I have a Friend, whose faithful love

162    With praise and thanksgiving

163    O for a thousand tongues to sing (1st tune)

165    My song shall be of Jesus

166    Praise to the Lord, the Almighty, the King

168    Now in a song of grateful praise

169    Thou Lord to God art precious

170    Lord, Thou art the lovely Bridegroom

171    Lord Jesus Christ, our heart feels sweet

172    I cannot breathe enough of Thee

175    Fairest Lord Jesus! Ruler of all nature!

179    Glory to Christ on high

180    Jesus, our Lord, with what joy we adore Thee

181    Tis the Church triumphant singing (2nd tune)

185    Blessed Lord, our hallelujahs

186    Glory be to Him who loved us

189    Thou art the Son beloved

190    O Lord, as we consider Thee

191    Lord, Thou art the "Seed of woman"

193    Dear Lord, Thou art so much to us

195    Lord, Thou art all the offerings

197    How all-inclusive, Lord, Thou art

199    Thou art the Rock everlasting

200    Thou art the Sun of righteousness (1st tune)

200    Thou art the Sun of righteousness (2nd tune)

202    O Lord, Thou art the Alpha

203    In the bosom of the Father

204    Gathered in Thy name Lord Jesus (Original tune)

204    Gathered in Thy name Lord Jesus (New tune)

205    Jesus, Thou Joy of loving hearts

206    O Christ, He is the fountain

207    Lord Jesus! when we think of Thee

208    O Jesus, Jesus, dearest Lord

209    Jesus, the very thought of Thee

210    I've found a friend in Jesus

213    On that same night, Lord Jesus (Alt tune: 463)

214    According to Thy gracious word (Alt tune: 104)

215    Jesus, Lord, we know Thee present

220    When on Thy table, Lord, we gaze

221    Lord, we thank Thee for the table

222    Dear Lord, we thank Thee for this bread

223    On the table of Thy love

224    As we're sharing of the cup

225    Here, O my Lord, I see Thee face to face

226    For the bread and for the wine

227    Through the bread and cup, Lord Jesus

228    Sweet feast of love divine

233    O what a miracle, my Lord

235    Praise Him! praise Him! Jesus, our

239    Ten thousand thanks to Jesus

241    Blessing and honor and glory be Thine

242    The Spirit of God today

243    God's Spirit is of Christ today (Alt tune: 374)

243    God's Spirit is of Christ today (Alt tune: 943)

244    The Holy Spirit is today

245    Oh, spread the tidings 'round

          Fulness of the Spirit

251    Rivers of living water

255    O Lord, breathe Thy Spirit on me

256    Oh, blow upon us, Lord

267    Fill me with Thy gracious Spirit

268    How I praise Thee, precious Savior

278    The Spirit of life is within us today

279    First the blood, and then the ointment

280    Lord, may Thy blood now cleanse me

282    Lord of light, with light divine

          Assurance and Joy of Salvation

284    Loved with everlasting love

285    Come and rejoice with me

291    I am so glad that our Father in heav'n

293    Cleansed in our Savior's precious blood

295    God's Christ who is my Righteousness

296    And can it be that I should gain

298    My hope is built on nothing less

299    A mind at perfect peace with God

300    Arise, my soul arise

301    Redeemed how I love to proclaim it

302    I have a song I love to sing

305    I will sing of my Redeemer

308    Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine

309    What a wonderful change

310    Once I was bound by sin's galling fetters

311    Only a sinner saved by grace!

312    Grace! 'tis a charming sound

313    Amazing grace, how sweet the sound

317    Dear Savior, Thou art mine

319    Come, Thou Fount of ev'ry blessing

321    Full salvation! Full salvation!

322    Many weary years I vainly sought

324    Far away the noise of strife upon my ear is falling

325    All my life long I had panted

328    Complete in Thee! no work of mine

331    Will your anchor hold in the storms of life

334    A wonderful Savior is Jesus my Lord

339    How firm a foundation, ye saints

341    When peace like a river

342    Years I spent in vanity and pride

348    Since Christ my soul from sin set free

349    As pants the hart for cooling streams

350    My goal is God Himself


365    Jesus, Thy life is mine

371    I need Thee ev'ry hour

373    Nothing between, Lord, nothing between

378    Savior, lead me up the mountain

381    Fill all my vision, Savior, I pray

389    Lord Jesus, I long in Thy presence to live

395    O Jesus Christ, grow Thou in me

396    I'm pressing on the upward way

398    O to be like Thee! blessed Redeemer

403    Live Thyself, Lord Jesus, through me

426    Remove my covering, Lord


431    Thy mighty love (Original tune)

431    Thy mighty love (New tune)

432    O Love, that wilt not let me go (New tune)

433    I am the Lord's! O joy beyond expression

434    Lord, Thou hast won, at length I yield

435    Oh, the bitter shame and sorrow

437    Hast thou heard Him, seen Him (Original tune)

437    Hast thou heard Him, seen Him (New tune)

438    I've turned my back upon the world

441    All to Jesus I surrender

442    Fully surrendered, Lord, I would be

443    In full and glad surrender

445    Take my life, and let it be

449    Have Thine own way, Lord

452    Tempt me not of earthly pleasures

456    Living for Jesus a life that is true

460    Jesus, I my cross have taken (First tune)

463    I love, I love my Master

469    Who is on the Lord's side?

471    How can I ever stay away

          Union with Christ

473    No mortal tongue can e'er describe

474    I am one with Thee, Lord Jesus

475    One with Thee Thou Son eternal

483    Buried with Christ, and raised with Him too

          Experience of Christ

489    Oh, Jesus, Lord, when Thou on earth

490    Lord, when the Father ne'er was known

491    Lord, Thou didst know when in the flesh

492    In all thy work, O Lord

493    O Lord, Thou are the Spirit now

494    Christ is the testimony true

495    Christ is God's centrality

496    Christ is the one reality of all

497    Grace in its highest definition is

499    Oh, what a life! Oh, what a peace!

500    Oh, what a might! Oh, what a strength!

501    O glorious Christ, Savior mine

503    I serve a risen Savior

505    There's a Man in the glory

507    Once far from God and dead in sin

508    Made free! Made free! O captive!

509    A flowing river and a tree

510    I have found the One of peerless worth

512    Jesus, Son and Shield art Thou

513    Once it was the blessing

522    O Christ, in Thee my soul hath found

523    I have come to the Fountain of Life

530    Jesus is all the world to me

535    All things are possible to Him

537    Christ to me is so subjective

538    It is God's intent and pleasure

539    O Lord, Thou art in me as life

540    What release the Savior gave me! (Original tune)

540    What release the Savior gave me! (Alt tune: 1324)

541    Not the law of letters

542    O the riches of my Savior

544    Lord Jesus, I love Thee

546    I love my Lord, but with no love of mine

547    Something every heart is loving

548    Earthen vessel I was made

549    Enter the veil and go without the camp

551    I've believed the true report

552    Marvel not the Christ in glory all my inmost heart hath won

554    I come to His presence afresh

556    Thy name is sweet as ointment poured forth

564    I have learned the wondrous secret

568    'Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus

569    Simply trusting ev'ry day

569    Simply trusting ev'ry day (New tune)

575    I take Thy promise, Lord (Original tune)

575    I take Thy promise, Lord (New tune)

578    My will is weak, my strength is frail

579    Jesus! I am resting, resting

582    When we walk with the Lord

591    Not I, but Christ be honored, loved, exalted

593    All I have in Adam is but sin and death

595    There is always something over

600    My God, my Portion, and my Love

600    My God, my Portion, and my Love (New tune)

602    O how glorious, Oh how holy!

608    What mystery, the Father, Son, and Spirit

612    God intends that all His being

614    Nearer my God, to Thee

617    Thou sweet, beloved will of God

          Way of the Cross/The Resurrection Life

622    If we take up the cross, will we but suffer pain?

626    Olives that have known no pressure

631    If I'd know Christ's risen power

639    Death cannot hold the resurrection life


642    “Within the Veil”: be this, belov’d, Thy portion

643    Take time to behold Him

643    Take time to behold Him (New tune)

645    O soul, are you weary and troubled

668    Have you felt the Father’s love?

669    In the heart of Jesus

          Comfort in Trials

701    All the way my Savior leads me

717    O let us rejoice in the Lord evermore

719    Like a river glorious

722    The cross that He gave may be heavy

723    He giveth more grace when the burdens grow

723    He giveth more grace when the burdens grow (New tune)

          The Inner Life

744     In dealings with the Lord as life

750    God's intention is to have us


762    Prayer is the incense of a holy heart

767    Teach us to pray that we may cause

768    Lord, teach us how to use the intercessor's rod

769    To the holiest place I'd come

770    In the holiest place, touch the throne of grace

771    The veil is rent and opened is

772    Lord, we meet to seek Thy face (Original tune)

772    Lord, we meet to seek Thy face (Alt tune: 839)

775    In the mighty name of Jesus

776    "Ask in faith," the Name of Jesus

777    Say to this mountain, "Go"

778    Keep up the song of faith

779    Pray with one accord in spirit

780    Praying always in the spirit

781    Exercise the spirit

782    How mysterious, O Lord

783    Pray to touch the throne of God (Alt tune: 769)

784    Pray to fellowship with Jesus

785    Praying to express the Lord

786    Pray to labor with the Lord

789    What a Friend we have in Jesus

790    "Keep the incense burning" (Alt tune: 593)

790    "Keep the incense burning" (Alt tune: 1278)

791    The priest's position holy is

792    Waiting on Thee, Lord, waiting on Thee

794    Stir me, oh, stir me, Lord, I care not how

795    Father, let Thy kingdom come

797    Revive Thy work, O Lord!

798    Revive Thy work, dear Lord!

          Study of the Word

799    All Scripture is the very breath of God

799    All Scripture is the very breath of God (Alt tune: 549)

811    My heart is hungry, my spirit doth thirst

812    I come to Thee, dear Lord

814    Man shall not live by bread alone

817    We limit not the truth of God

          The Church

818    Christ is the mystery of God

819    As the body is the fulness

821    The Church the vessel is (Alt tune: 837)

824    The Church is Christ's own Body

833    The Church's one foundation

837    We praise Thee, Lord, for Thy great plan

839    Lord, Thou art a potter skilled

840    Freed from self and Adam's nature

841    Thou art all my life, Lord

842    Breathe Thou, O Lord, on me

845    Release my spirit! This is what I need

846    Oh, may my spirit flow, Oh may it flow!

847    I long for fellowship in spirit

848    What a blessing, what a privilege!

849    Holy priests are living stones

851    How lovely is Thy dwelling place!

852    Thy dwelling place, O Lord I love

853    I love Thy kingdom, Lord

858    All praise to our redeeming Lord

861    God be with you till we meet again

863    In daily walk and in our meetings too

864    Whene'er we meet with Christ endued

865    In spirit and in truth

866    Exercise the spirit!

          Spiritual Warfare

870    Stand up! stand up for Jesus!

871    Onward Christian soldiers!

873    Charge, soldiers, charge in battle!

876    When war is hot and fierce

877    I dare not be defeated

881    We rest on Thee, our Shield and our Defender

885    Fight the battle in the Body

886    A mighty Fortress is our God

887    The name of Jesus is our stand

888    Soldiers of Christ, arise

889    By the blood of Christ the Victor (Original tune)

889    By the blood of Christ the Victor (Alt tune: 1324)

890    Hallelujah! Christ is Victor

892    With all the pow'r in heav'n and earth

893    Conflict today is fierce

894    Will you be an overcomer?


904    We have a most glorious King

909    In the stream! in the stream!

910    The overflow of life is work

912    Christ to minister is service

913    Serve and work within the Body (Original tune)

913    Serve and work within the Body (Alt tune: 840)


          Preaching of the Gospel/Baptism

920    Sound ye the trumpet call

921    Rescue the perishing

925    Outreach of the glorious gospel

936    In death's waters, I am buried

          The Kingdom

941    God’s kingdom is God’s reigning

942    God's kingdom on the earth is now

947    God's Kingdom today is a real exercise

948    Myst'ry hid from ages now revealed

949    Christ is the hope of glory

          Hope of Glory

958    Since long ago at Bethany we parted

959    Since Thy departure from Olivet's mountain

960    My King will soon come back again

          Ultimate Manifestation

970    For the glorious revelation of the sons of God to come

971    God's eternal purpose is to join with man

972    Lo, the central thought of God

976    O Lord Jesus, Thy redeemed ones

977    Glorious things of thee are spoken

979    How glorious, how bright it shines, the holy, new Jerusalem

981    In His Christ to head up all things

984    Rivers of living water


986    Christ has a full redemption made

1003  Why should I worry, doubt and fear?

1004  Precious, precious blood of Jesus

1006  There is a fountain filled with blood

1007  Have you been to Jesus for the cleansing

1008  What can wash away my sin?

1009  Would you be free from your burden

1010  O now I see the cleansing wave!

1017  Christ has put on human nature

1018  The whole world was lost in darkness of sin

1024  Christ the Savior is just the One you need

1025  Give up the world, Christ to obtain

1027  Softly and tenderly Jesus is calling

1042  While we pray and while we plead

1048  Just as I am, without one plea (Original tune)

1048  Just as I am, without one plea (New tune)

1051  I hear Thy welcome voice

1052  I've wandered far away from God

1058  Rock of Ages, cleft for me

1060  Thou didst leave Thy throne and Thy kingly crown

1066  Down at the cross where my Savior died

1068  In tenderness He sought me

1074  O what a mystery, the Savior

1077  There were ninety and nine that safely lay

1079  If I gained the world, but lost the Savior

1080  What profit all the labor here?

          Worship of the Father

1081  Father God, Thou art the source of life

          Praise of the Lord

1083  O how nigh the Lord is unto all who call

1084  Thy name is as ointment poured

1085  His Name is Wonderful

1086  How we love the glorious name

1087  Oh, hallelujah, what a death

1089  Lamb of God so pure and spotless

1090  Dear Lord, how precious is Thy blood

1095  The Lord shall get the glory

1096  Tis the local church proclaiming

1097  O Lord, our Lord, how excellent Thy name

1103  What He is, He's the Father

1104  Lord, Thou art our peace offering

1105  Lo, the table spread before us

1106  We gather together to eat the Lord's supper

1107  We're gathered here, O Lord as Thy one Body

1108  Eat the bread, ye people of the Lord

1109  Take, drink this cup, His blood

1110  O Jesus Lord, when present at Thy table

1111  Gathered at Thy table Lord

1112  Oh, how glorious is Thy table Lord

1113  Now the Triune God has come

1117  We praise Thee, O God, for the Spirit

1119  In the Word of God I found it

          Assurance and Joy of Salvation

1125  Down at the cross where my Savior died

1127  God has saved me from the world

1128  We were held in bondage, toiling

1129  "So great a salvation," ye saints

1130  Sing praise to Christ Who lives in us

1131  In a low dungeon, hope we had none

          Longings/Union with Christ

1132  Lord, teach us how to pray

1134  Oh, strengthen my spirit Lord Jesus

1135  Oh, sanctify us, Lord

1140  Our old man has been crucified

          Experience of Christ

1141  We will sing to the Lord with our spirit

1142  Jesus is the living spirit

1143  The tree of life, how sweet the fruit

1145  God gave His Son to man to be

1146  Let us eat Jesus every day

1148  "Come and dine," the Lord is calling

1149  Of Him whence grace and truth did spring

1150  We are feeding on the living bread

1151  Drink! A river pure and clear

1152  To Jesus every day we find our hearts

1153  We have found the Christ who's all in all

1154  I love Thee, Jesus

1156  To the Lord we're a garden

1157  His banner over me is love

1158  Dear Lord Jesus, precious Jesus

1159  Jesus Lord, I'm captured by Thy beauty

1160  Jesus is our lovely Bridegroom

1162  We've found the secret of living

1163  He's the vine and we're the branches

1164  Jesus, the all inclusive land

1165  We're in the land, we're in the land

1166  God has set the land before us

1168  Laboring on Jesus, the good land

1170  The Lord is my Shepherd forever

1174  What a victory! What a triumph!

1175  Power, exceeding great pow'r

1178  We have seen Christ is reality

1179  My old man has been crucified

1180  My old person has been nullified

1181  Lord, to know Thee as our Person

1187  Your ministry, O Lord, how excellent it is

          Experience of God

1191  From my spirit within flows a fountain

1192  Chapter one of Genesis

1193  Life is God the Father in Christ Jesus

1194  There are two lives to live by

1197  God is light, and in Him there is no darkness at all!

1198  A mighty flowing out is God

1199  God's intention in this universe


1205  Press on, press on toward the goal

1206  There's a race for us to run—Hallelujah

1208  Years I spent in sorrow 'round the cross

1211  Given us, given us, God has given us

1212  The Lord of all has shown His plan

1213  If from your nat'ral man you would be free

1214  Dig away, dig away, dig away

1215  God has not giv'n us a spirit of fear

1216  We have an inner life

1217  Lord, we've heard the call, "Come forward"

1218  If from the world you're longing to be free

           The Church

1220  Remove the veils, Lord, from my heart

1221  Jesus, our wonderful Shepherd

1222  Sing aloud your praises to the Lord

1223  O walk about, walk about Zion

1224  We from the law to Christ have turned

1225  Lord, to know Thee as the Body

1226  Oh the church of Christ is glorious

1229  The church is Christ's deep longing

1230  One new man is the Father's plan

1231  O praise the Lord, God has a plan

1232  Once by nature, we were dead in sin

1233  O home in the church

1234  I thirsted in the barren land of Babylon

1235  Oh, listen to the wanderer

1237  Splendid church life! His green garden!

1238  Never did I dream before (New tune)

1240  Deeper, deeper, in the cross of Jesus

1248  Recall how David swore

1251  To Jerusalem we've come

1252  Down in Babylon, in captivity

1255  We are for the Lord's recovery

1258  Oh, how lovable, how precious

1259  See the local churches, ‘midst the earth’s dark night

1265  The churches are the Body

1266  Burning, burning, we are burning

1274  In Revelation two and three

1275  Glorious things to thee are spoken

1278  In the church of Jesus

          Spiritual Warfare

1283  Fight, saints, for Jesus our Lord

1284  Our eyes have seen the vision

1287  Let's take the land!

1289  The vict'ry's won!

          Preaching of the Gospel

1293  O I'm a man—I'm the meaning of the universe

           The Kingdom

1294  Come let us speak till the kingdom

1297  From the beachhead in our spirit (2x)

1300  The Lord has been revealed in us

1301  Jesus the kingdom has come into us

          Hope of Glory

​1304  Christ comes quickly for His Bride

1306  We love Thy coming, Lord!

1307  The day approaches; Jesus soon is coming

1308  We have oil in our lamps—we are burning!

1310  The Lord is longing for His bride

1314  Lord, Thou wilt soon appear

1315  Rejoice! Rejoice! Our Bridegroom's coming

1318  Twas a day in early springtime

1319  That which for long the prophets sought

1323  The voice of my Beloved, Behold

          Ultimate Manifestation

1325  God eternal has a purpose


1326  What is living all about

1328  My wandering days grew increasingly empty

1327  Once I thirsted for a fountain

1330  "All things are ready," come to the feast!

1331  Just taste and see

1332  Do you know that you were chosen (New tune)

1333  What a happy day

1334  Thou hast turned my mourning

1335  Great is the Lord

1336  What shall I give unto the Lord [3x]

1337  When the Lord turned again

1338  This is My rest forever [2x]

1339  Behold how good and how pleasant

1340  Therefore with joy shall ye draw water [2x]

1340  Therefore with joy (updated supplement) [2x]

1341  Therefore the redeemed of the Lord [2x]

1342  Therefore, they shall come [2x]

1343  A new commandment I give unto you [2x]

1344  Oh, the depth of the riches [2x]

1345  Whenever the heart shall turn [2x]

1346  Now unto the King eternal [2x]

1348  Behold the tabernacle of God is with men


          Abba Father, Abba Father [3x]

          Abba Father, Abba Father (Slow) [3x]

          Behold, what manner of love

          God's eternal economy

          Now unto the King eternal
          What Miracle! What Mystery!

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          Hymns 1001-1348

About Piano Hymns

This site provides commonly-sung hymns from our hymnal that have been recorded as piano accompaniment for live singing in our virtual church meetings. Most hymns have been transposed into lower keys for more comfortable singing.  Each video includes an introduction and all the stanzas of the hymn once through. This is an ongoing project and hymns will continually be added.


Those using desktop/laptop devices may search for hymns on this site by pressing Control+F (Command+F on Macs) and using the search field that pops up at the top right of the page.


These videos can also be used as a reference for those who are learning to play the piano in the church meetings. 

All the videos on this webpage may also be accessed directly via the Piano Hymns YouTube channel, where songs have been grouped into playlists for easy accessibility.

How to Use Piano Hymns

  1. Before streaming, update Zoom to the latest version.  (From the Zoom menu: "" > "Check for latest updates…")Adjust settings according to these guidelines.

  2. Ethernet provides a clearer sound than Wifi. If an ethernet cable is unavailable, positioning the PC near the router also helps. 

  3. If streaming with singing accompaniment, external mics or wired headsets improve the quality of sound.

  4. When streaming, remember to mute all other participants.

  5. It is strongly recommended that those conducting the streaming do a dry run with a few other saints in order to resolve any issues and ensure optimal settings/positions of devices, etc. before the meeting.


The options given below outline how to stream Piano Hymns music WITH singing accompaniment. To stream WITHOUT singing accompaniment, simply use Option 2 and make sure that all participants (including the streamer) are on mute.


Option 1 (RECOMMENDED): One participant plays Piano Hymns on a second device while singing along:

Audio can simply be streamed from a second device (such as a phone or iPad) held close to the microphone of the PC of the designated singer(s). This option eliminates lag between singing and music, and does not require as much bandwidth as Option 2. 


Option 2: One participant plays Piano Hymns via PC while singing along:

Select “Share screen” > “Share computer sound” > Select Piano Hymns website. 


To stream audio only (no video), select “Share screen” > “Advanced” tab > “Music or Computer Sound Only.”


Ensure that the PC of the person streaming/singing is not muted.

Modifying Tempo
  1. Press play to begin playback of the video

  2. Click on the small cog icon that appears in the lower left corner of the YouTube window (Settings)

  3. Select "Playback Speed"

  4. Select a preset speed adjustment, or select "Custom" (upper right corner) to make a more specific adjustment.

Submit a Request for a Hymn to be Recorded

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"Not abandoning our own assembling together... but exhorting one another; and so much the more as you see the day drawing near."  Heb. 10:25

Note: These piano hymn accompaniments are provided as a voluntary service to help localities who may not have access to musical accompaniment, particularly for remote meetings. The hymns are from Hymns, ©1966 Living Stream Ministry; however, these accompaniments are not from or endorsed by Living Stream Ministry. These recordings are for local use only and are not intended for mass distribution.